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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11:00 a chilling picture comes together of how the attack on paris was planned. tonight a maryland senator questioning the u.s. refugee policy. a terrorist is still on the loose, raids are happening all across europe and security has stepped up. thank you for joining us. >> let's get right to the latest on those attacks in paris. now, the new threat against d.c. ellison barber is live with a look at what is ahead for the mailing commute. -- with a look at what is ahead for the morning commute. >> we begin in the satellite center center. >> reporter: the emerging look at what sparked concern in local communities.
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>> reporter: isis took to the internet to threaten the entire world. police say it is a threat that should be taken seriously. still, experts say you should not allow the threat to disrupt your life. in a new video released a new video released by isis the group warns that any country taking part in airstrikes in syria would suffer the same fate as paris. >> now that we know they have a real interest in attacking a broad and is willing to commit resources to do so that is quite a new phenomenon. >> reporter: experts say isis have shifted to actually planning and coordinating a sophisticated attack from their base in syria. >> this was a not done in a matter of days. it was a deliberately planned over the course of several months. >> reporter: speaking to us this analyst said isis is more tech
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savvy and as capable as any group has ever been. >> they are doing an excellent job of using social media to get their propaganda out and recruit more people. >> reporter: they communicate through of social media. they communicated with each other through apps. they cannot be traced. >> i would absolutely use these kind of communications. no one can actually crack them. >> reporter: john brennan says of the fight is not hopeless. but, it is also not easy. >> there are a lot of technological capabilities available right now that is making it difficult for intelligent security forces to have the insight they need. >> reporter: despite the group's growth there don't seem to be
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any experts who think the group cannot ultimately be defeated. back to you. >> expect to see more guns, and longer lines as you get around on the metro. ellison barber is a live at the chinatown station. >> reporter: a quick response tonight as police were already inside the metro. this is one of the busiest stations. we have seen police inside on the platform all night. as commuters headed home police were close by, offers is looking under every bench for anything out of place. most commuters know exactly why. >> do to the attacks in paris.
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>> in light of events you can't be treated careful. >> reporter: tonight, police were on guard. at once point there seem to be a fire at the red line. they were the first to run from it. they say the smoke was from a piece of trash. at least four firetrucks responded, even though's police prevented a major issue it was a big response for a small fire. commuters we spoke to welcome to the reaction. >> i have been on the green line and the blue line to get here and i saw more security. i am really pleased. >> the more security the better. >> i have not personally experienced it. i would be more than happy to cooperate. i really do think we need to be vigilant. it is coming our way.
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>> reporter: now, police say there is not a specific threat to a specific threat to the metro the but they want to be cautious. the plan for extra security does not have an end date. back to you. >> police are the only ones being vigilant. according to the transit police chief there has been an increased in the number of people reporting unintended items. anyone can send a tip or report to the metro. >> the university of maryland plans to boost security
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they spent all of last week in the french countryside. on their first dinner on friday night they noticed everyone around them was acting strange. >> we noticed the people around us were all checking their phones frantically. >> reporter: neither me and/or her friends spoke a word of french. they had both shut off the cell phones. it was not until another american said attack that they knew something had begun. reports of hostages taken, of gunshots and explosions. >> living in d.c. i always think to
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expect news to happen. but this was news i would never really expect in paris. >> reporter: they decided to return to their hotel where they watched the news all night. >> it was really frightening. we had chosen this bar completely at random when we went out. we could have walked another 10 minutes to be at that bar. >> reporter: in the morning much of paris remained closed. she visited the memorials around the city. >> they weren't overly emotional or anything like that but they were very solemn. i think, i think that shows that people weren't in a panic at that time. they were sort of strong about it. >> reporter: she returned to d.c. on sunday night with a new respect for paris. will you go back? >> yes i did not get to finish what i wanted to do. i would like to go back.
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>> reporter: i asked her if she thought there was anything we were getting wrong with our coverage. she said the idea that the french people were overwhelmed with the despair was simply not correct . she said the people she spoke to were hopeful and grateful for the displays of support. back to you. >> those shows of support continue. along the bank of the river take a look at the national harbor, it is lit this evening with the french colors. apparently they will keep it this way for as long as he presidential orders is in place. >> the attacks have sparked a backlash against refugees from syria. many governors say they will fight federal efforts to relocate syrian refugees to their states.
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the mayor of d.c. was asked about it today. >>
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[technical difficulties] [please stand by] police say the woman was going to a mental health crisis. they say she shot at officers at responded to the scene. no one was hurt but during the barricade a lot the people weren't able to get to work. a photographer could still see tents in a homeless camp that d.c. officials moved to shut down
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today. that tend city is at rock creek parkway. the homeless men and women were given 14 days to get out. the district yesterday mayor -- the district deputy mayor was on the scene today but she made it clear it had to go. today a texas man in custody suspected of killing six people and we don't know why. police say william hudson owns property next to where the bodies were found. the six victims were members of two different families. coming up we will put some numbers on the snowmen to tell you how much snow will fall across the area. a big announcement for the governor, cancer freeze -- a
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big a big announcement from the governor, he is cancer free. see how he is feeling
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it is getting to be that time of year when we start thinking winter weather. >> how much could we get to this season? topper is here with the answer. >> this year is a big el niño event. if you are a snow lover you want a week to moderate el niño. if you hate the snow then you are pulling for a strong el niño. what will it be this winter? we are looking at a strong el niño, one of the strongest ever recorded. there was a big el niño in 1983, some of you may have remembered this, the presidents' day storm of
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february 1983. we can go from feast to famine if the supply of cold air is not there. in 1997 we did more frisbee throwing the end skiing. so, here at the weather team prediction for the winter, we are calling for above average temperatures so, probably not a white christmas. when it comes to snowfall we are forecasting less than 10 inches in southern maryland, 15-20 in the far northern suburbs, all below average but, west of interstate 81 and in the mountains there will be 25-40 inches. i went with that because i think we will see a little more cold air in the mountains. first measurable snowfall of 1 inch i will go with january 17, 2016. there you have it. >> that is fantastic.
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strong el niño. >> you are very happy. if you go to our app i have i have a list of cities in our area and how much snow i predict they will get. today reporters in annapolis gave the governor a big round of applause but it had nothing to do with politics. it had everything to do with his health. we will let him deliver the good news. listen. >> i am thankful to report that incredibly, as of today, i am 100% cancer free and in complete remission. [applause] >> the doug -- the governor was diagnosed in june with cancer, since then he has undergone weeks of chemotherapy, four surgeries and several drug treatments. he says it will be a very good holiday
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season. operators every mall in cherry hill, new jersey have dropped plans to charge big money for a photograph with santa claus. they were planning to charge as much as $50. critics said that was not in the christmas spirit. it would certainly keep many low income families from enjoying the experience. they got rid of it. >> when did they think that was a good idea? >> who told them that was a smart decision? >> it was all about the money. >> you can hang out with the santa claus for free. let's talk about the 3 degrees guarantee. i was worried about it today for good reason. we went 65 and it was 68 at the airport
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so, that said, we are off by 5. we are now 62. we will go with 61 tomorrow. 50 right now with wind out of the northeast. humidity is at 80%. we are going to see a chilly night tonight a chilly night tonight and a mild night tomorrow. so, a chilly start on tuesday with a few clouds. bus stop temperatures 41-52. showers and mild on wednesday. if you are golfing on wednesday it will be a great day. thunderstorms on thursday. so, early in the morning clouds return but it is dry. we are looking at 48 downtown. 45 in silver spring.
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by 9:00 you could see some sun, more clouds to the south and west. low 50s downtown. 50 in leesburg. mid-50s in cumberland. by 1:55 in cumberland. -- by 1:00 it is 505 in cumberland. by 6:00 p.m. a couple of sprinkles west of town towards culpeper. temperatures still in the 50s. by 10:00 temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. clouds, 52 by 9:00. up to 60 by 1:00. you will probably still need your sunglasses. mild with showers on wednesday, 61. 70 on thursday with showers and thunderstorms. next seven days looking at temperatures cooling off but nice on friday. mid-50s on saturday for the
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football game. who for the ravens in and in the 50s on monday. we have some basketball going on. >> low could -- local college basketball is taking center stage. it is a maryland and georgetown tomorrow night.
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>> > now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by extremity. george washington said don't forget about us, colonials hoping -- colonial hosting number six tonight. to smith to center we go to the 2nd half of play. check out the great ball movement. larson to the basket.
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beautiful reversal. george washington leading to out the 2nd half. 18 points for the senior. biggest win at home in 20 years what a colonials. mike lonergan to get the big time win at home. >> georgetown versus maryland tomorrow night in college park. georgetown looking to pull off the upset. the hoyas coming off a bad loss to radford at home the other night. what is that? i don't know what that was. there will be no sympathy from maryland and the head coach. >> it gets my attention because i know john has of their attention for two days. you would much rather play a team after they have won by 2010 losing a tough game so, but, because it is early, it is
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a big game we will be ready to go. >> we are playing a team tomorrow that is elite. they have an elite player at every position. there is a many things that we did saturday that we can't do to win tomorrow. >> tomorrow night at 7:00 a special pregame show. coverage right here on wusa9. sherry williams will be here on the show breaking down the matchup. it should be a great night of college basketball. >> if you had your doubts about the redskins and the quarterback that should have been put to rest on sunday. we know kirk cousins as a quarterback but not so much as a son. he gives his father the game ball. it was the first game he was attending after undergoing cancer treatments. what a game he saw. kirk cousins with a perfect
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quarterback rating. >> i saw that this morning and it is awesome for he and his father. it was a great family moment. they are going to far some tough times obviously. it was a heck of a tribute. kirk cousins is a first-class individual. i am glad he was able to do that for his father. >> maryland and georgetown tomorrow night. check out this tweet from the university of maryland. i just found out adam went there. check this out, in actual picture from back in the day. that is a great picture. do you miss those 70s? i don't know, but those guys on the right are looking pretty good. nice throwback. >> it was a big hit.
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it will be cooler to more. >> pretty nice tomorrow, a lot of clouds but still 61. thunderstorms possible on thursday and it will be 70. >> that is it for
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